Appeals Procedures:
All appeals are to be submitted in writing within 7 Days of the offence taking place, and will be responded to within 28 Days of receipt of the appeal.

Appeals will NOT be taken or dealt with over the telephone.

Post: Citywatch Parking Enforcement Ltd, PO Box 70111, London, N12 2DQ. 

The appeals procedure can be reviewed here: Appeals Procedure

An appeals form can be downloaded here: Appeals Form

Please note if you fail to collect and pay for your impounded vehicle on the 14th day we will make arrangements to sell or dispose of the vehicle in order to recover our fees and costs. You will still be held liable for any outstanding costs of which remain outstanding.

Photographic and CCTV footage is recorded and stored showing the offence and act of trespass being committed. These can be obtained in writing along with a cheque or postal order for £15 per photo.
Please note we do not accept telephone calls relating to appeals