Parking Solutions:

Once initial contact is made, we will arrange for one of our Contract Managers to visit and survey your site, discuss requirements and identify your needs and decide upon the best possible parking solution to meet your requirements.  They will also help you decide upon the parking restrictions you wish to have in place, and identify the legally required number of warning signs.
We will then arrange for our maintenance team to erect large warning signs informing motorists of the restrictions in place. The signs will also clearly state the consequences of parking illegally.
Where needed we issue parking permits, which enable certain motorists to park in designated places.  Such as a private Company car park where there are more spaces than staff and you wish to keep members of the public from using the private car park.
Our officers will patrol your site on a regular basis. Should they identify an illegally parked vehicle they will immobilise the vehicle and put a warning sign on their windows informing the motorists how to obtain a release.
If you should identify an illegally parked vehicle between our patrols, you can call our 24 hour Control Room where they will locate and mobilise the nearest patrol to your location.
Our vehicles are equipped with mobile CCTV and vehicle tracking systems.  This helps to prevent hostile behaviour towards our staff.  Each offending vehicle is photographed prior to any action being taken.  Photographs are then uploaded to our unique Parking Enforcement System.